Discover a Masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic Art

Founded in 1115, today only the Abbey church and Romanesque monastic foundations survive. 

In 1119, the new Abbey of Cadouin - as a dependent of the Abbey of Pontigny, which itself was one of four abbeys dependent on Citeaux - joined the Cistercian order.

As the eleventh abbey to be attached to the Cistercian order, it henceforth had to abide by its rules. The Gothic cloisters date from the late 15th century.

All monastic activity at Cadouin came to a halt in 1790 with the French Revolution.

Take the time during your visit to see the sun, in an interplay of light and shadow, draw arabesques on the gallery floors, as if through a pochoir.

Almost ten centuries of history have been lived here, making Cadouin Cloisters a universal, immutable and serene place.

Many films have been made here.


Guided tours or not : make your choice


The cloister of Cadouin offers 3 guided tours of one hour, at the following times:

1.15 a.m.
3 p.m.
5 p.m.

These visits are included in the entry price and allow you to discover this place from a historical and architectural point of view and to know all the anecdotes.

Night tours are also offered from August 13 to July 17 2020, every Monday evening at 9 p.m.
Reservation by phone on 05 53 63 36 28 or online below

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Delve into the Heart of the Cloisters!

carte cloitre
  • 1 Entrance to the Cloisters, Ticket Office and Shop
  • 2 Flamboyant Gothic Cloisters
  • 3 Exhibition on the Renovation of the Cloisters and a Replica of the Holy Shroud
  • 4 Abbey Church (12th Century)
  • 5 Former Outbuildings (Youth Hostel)
  • 6 Covered Market
  • 7 Carpark